Introduction from the Chief Executive

A warm welcome to Canterbury City Council’s unoficial website, which we hope you will find, useful, informative and easy to use.

colincarmichaelHere are some words from Colin Carmichael, Chief Executive:

Canterbury district has a great deal to offer its residents and visitors – including beautiful coast and countryside, heritage sites and centres of retail, business and education. The city council is proud to have so many exciting opportunities on its doorstep, and we’re committed to protecting the district and its interests.

But this means taking on the responsibility of continuous improvement. As a council assessed as being ‘excellent’ by the Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA), we have the knowledge, foresight and quality of people to build upon our success.

As testament to our ongoing accomplishments, the council is one of eight to have been shortlisted as ‘Best Achieving Council of the Year’ by the Municipal Journal for this year’s awards.

It’s very unusual for a district council such as ourselves to be shortlisted for the award so this is a distinction that we’re very pleased to have. Shortlisting alone brings the kind of national recognition for what we do and that our staff and councillors deserve.

There’s a judging panel that will now assess us, and the other shortlisted councils in more detail, and the winner will be announced in June.

In the meantime, we’re keen to involve the wider community in all matters relating to the council’s work, and hope that you’ll join us in shaping the district’s future. So please feel free to comment on any subject related to the council’s work.

Colin Carmichael

Chief Executive
Canterbury City Council

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